The M​-​theory (guitars with Rémi Gallego)


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So far, everything is fine . Our ship manages to stabilize its speed after a deafening assension bordering the 27000 kmh . We can henceforth live our dreams and embrace our heavenly existential inquiries , always in relation to the theory "M". the ship harshness now to penetrate the atmosphere intensely hot , and the man behind the infinitely small impussant desperate appliance door approach it perceives as a luminous sphere . the ship can not make back machine and too late to hope to keep living. an invisible black star departing turning red then white incandescant When the light springs a great silence came , nothing and no one to think or breathe. fire dust itself still remains a bit before suffocate in a more intense black .


Florent Latorré


released March 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Milkyway Project France

Milkyway project is a constantly evolving musical project created in the year 2011. A sound exploration in the theme of the universe as well as its exploration by the man.

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